"I say let the world go to hell, but I should always have my tea."
- Fyodor Dostoyevsky about tea, Notes from the UndergroundTea-Tea

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Regarded for thousands of years in the East as a key to good health, happiness, and wisdom, tea has caught the attention of researchers in the West, who are discovering the many health benefits of different types of teas. Studies have found that some teas may help with cancer, heart disease, and diabetes; encourage weight loss; lower cholesterol; and bring about mental alertness. Tea also appears to have antimicrobial qualities. Tea is a name given to a lot of brews, but purists consider only Green, Black, White, Oolong, and Pu-erh Tea the real thing. They are all derived from the Camellia Sinensis plant, a shrub native to China and India, and contain unique antioxidants called flavonoids.


The most potent of these, known as ECGC, may help against free radicals that can contribute to cancer, heart disease, and clogged arteries. All these teas also have caffeine and theanine, which affect the brain and seem to heighten mental alertness. The more processed the tea leaves, usually the less polyphenol content. Oolong and black teas are oxidized or fermented, so they have lower concentrations of polyphenols than green tea; but their anti-oxidising power is still high. Forget processed tea bags - T&T provide only the highest quality, fresh loose teas. All you need is just an infuser to enjoy a luxury cup of tea of your choice.


Leaves of all types of loose tea can be infused four or five times. Leaves of Oolong Tea, Pu-erh Tea or Dragon Pearls can be infused more than five times. Between brews, don’t empty your cup or pot com-pletely. Leave a little bit of water over your leaves to strengthen your next brew. Subsequent cups will not only yield different flavors but even more nutrition and anti-oxidants.  When brewed accordingly, T&T teas cost only 2-4p per cup.

- White tea: Uncured and unfermented. One study showed that white tea has the most potent anticancer properties compared to more processed teas.

- Green tea: Made with steamed tea leaves, it has a high concentration of EGCG and has been widely studied. Green tea’s antioxidants may interfere with the growth of bladder, breast, lung, stomach, pancreatic, and colorectal cancers; prevent clogging of the arteries, burn fat, counteract oxidative stress on the brain, reduce risk of neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, reduce risk of stroke, and improve cholesterol levels.

- Black tea: Made with fermented tea leaves, black tea has the highest caffeine content and forms the basis for flavoured teas like chai, along with some instant teas. Studies have shown that black tea may protect lungs from damage caused by exposure to cigarette smoke. It also may reduce the risk of stroke.

- Oolong tea: In an animal study, those given antioxidants from oolong tea were found to have lower bad cholesterol levels.

- Pu-erh tea: Made from fermented and aged leaves. Considered a black tea, its leaves are pressed into cakes. One animal study showed that animals given Pu-erh had less weight gain and reduced LDL cholesterol.

- Chamomile Tea (Tisane): Its antioxidants may help prevent complications from diabetes, like loss of vision and nerve and kidney damage, and stunt the growth of cancer cells.

- Hibiscus Tea (Tisane): A small study found that drinking three cups of hibiscus tea daily lowered blood pressure in people with modestly elevated levels.

- Rooibos (Red Tea): A South African herb that is fermented. High in flavonoids with cancer-fighting properties.