"There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.", Henry James about teaTea-Tea

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Exotic earl grey - green loose tea 

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Green sencha tea with bergamot oil, calendula flowers, cornflower petals and natural passion fruit flavour.

Among the types of Japanese green tea prepared by simmering, "Sencha tea" is distinguished from such specific types as gyokuro and bancha. It is the most popular tea in Japan. Infusions from sencha and other green teas that are steamed (like most common Japanese green teas) are also greener in colour and slightly bitterer than Chinese-style green teas. Depending upon the temperature of the water in which it is decocted, the flavor will be different, and this also is the appeal of sencha. With relatively not too hot water, it is relatively mellow; with hot water, it is more astringent. Recommended infusion 3 minutes at 80c.

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