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Gunpowder - Loose Green Tea 

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Pingshui gunpowder Green Loose Tea from Zhejiang Province where each leave is rolled into a pellet to preserve freshness and aroma. The original and most common variety of gunpowder tea with larger pearls, better color, and a more aromatic infusion, which is commonly sold as Temple of Heaven Gunpowder or Pinhead Gunpowder loose tea.

When buying gunpowder loose leaf tea it is important to look for shiny pellets, which indicate that the tea is fresh. High quality gunpowder loose tea will have small, tightly rolled pellets.

While brewing methods vary widely by tea and individual preferences, 1 teaspoon of loose leaf tea is recommended for every 150ml (5.07 oz) of water. Ideal water temperature for this type of loose tea is between 70 °C (158 °F) to 80 °C (176 °F). For the first and second brewing, loose leaves should be steeped for around one minute. It is also recommended that the tea cup or tea pot used should be rinsed with hot water prior to brewing the loose tea to warm the vessels. When brewed, gunpowder loose tea is a yellow color.

The flavor of brewed gunpowder loose tea is often described as thick and strong like a soft honey, but with a smokey flavor and an aftertaste that is slightly coppery. This type of loose tea is often seen as having a flavor that is somewhat minty, or peppery.

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